Revamp your kitchen on a budget

Your kitchen can be the hub of the home. But it can also get old extremely quickly. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to revamp it though – there are a multitude of ways to spice up your kitchen that are extremely budget friendly. Below we have listed out our four favourite tried and tested methods for bringing in that breath of fresh air to your cooking haven.

  1. A lick of paint

A little paint can go a long way, especially if you have cabinets that you can dish up a splash of colour to. Not only does everything look a little cleaner, but you can change the whole feel of the room. This works especially well if your kitchen has a neutral background, such as cream. That will give you the freedom to try out all of the latest colours form somewhere like Dulux.

  1. Change up your flooring.

Getting a new floor does not have to be bank breaking, contrary to popular belief you can refloor your kitchen for a small amount of money. You can simply lay your new flooring on the top of the old flooring, and many experts recommend running your flooring underneath the plinths.

Check out Pinterest for some incredible ideas for wood flooring on a budget.

 Improve your storage options

One thing that is guaranteed to ruin the aesthetics of your kitchen is clutter. It is so easy to accumulate too much for your kitchen, especially if you have limited space. Try and make sure you are ruthless with what you keep, and make sure you have adequate storage solutions for your kitchen. This even goes for leftover food, make sure you have some airtight food containers lying around – if they are collapsible then even better!

 Rugs, Rugs, Rugs!

A rug can make a real difference when it comes to how much colour shows up in your kitchen, it can also make hard wooden floors much more comfortable (and warmer) to walk around on with bare feet. Rugs are also easily changeable, so if you get bored of one colour it takes no effort to swap the mat out for something else, giving the room a whole new feel.

These have been our top four tips, guaranteed to bring a breath of fresh air into any kitchen that is looking a bit drab.