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This intelligent AI is an automated logo maker made for the 21st century, with live previews, full brand guidelines, pre-made social banners and so much more. The sophisticated algorithms simulate working with a real live graphic designer, and this young start-up is already making disruptive waves with logos that are indiscernible from those designed by human beings.”

Want to generate more sales? Want to make your business grow like established businesses? Want to become a brand?

There are numerous reasons why you need a popular branding strategy. A successful branding strategy consists of many small plans including strategy to promote products with a recognizable logo.

Why do businesses focus on promoting their logo or even why do businesses need a logo in the first place?

There are many reasons why a business needs a logo. The very main reason is that the logo is the icon that helps a common user to identify that the product is related to a particular business.

In short, a logo helps to spread brand awareness.

For example when you see a logo F on social network icons you know that it’s Facebook.

This way a logo is designed makes it easy for people to remember your business. It’s not just about the characters you use in the logo, there are many things that make a logo unique. Such as font style, font size, color theme etc.

A logo is the basic necessity of every business and a must have thing that you cannot ignore. That is why businesses are spending hundreds to thousands of dollars every year to improve their logo.

Every business can get a professional logo in two ways:

1) Hire a professional logo designer or designing company, which is expensive and time consuming

2) Do it yourself or hire a relative or friend who can draw

3) Use an online logo maker to generate your logo.

As a newbie or even a professional, you may not be interested in spending a lot of money to design a professional logo. In that case, your safest bet is to go with the online logo maker for a professional and effective logo.

Today I am going to talk about one of the most influential brands in the logo making industry. They are called “LogoJoy”.

What is LogoJoy?

Whether you want to create a new logo or update an old logo (rebranding), Logojoy is there to help you in every possible way. It’s a complete online logo designing software that is ready to satisfy your logo needs at your own pace.

You can not only create a simple logo but you can choose from various design inspirations, color themes, font styles, numerous icons and customize your logo as you want it to be.

Logojoy is a popular brand and the main logo making software behind over 2 million logos.

It is not just a free logo making software but also offers more professional and paid solutions to satisfy you logo requirements.

How to create professional logo with LogoJoy:

  • Visit www. Logojoy.com

  • You will see a box, enter the business name and click on the “Make Your Logo” Button.
  • On the next page choose up to 5 logos that inspire you

  • Now choose the color theme for your logo:

  • On the next page, insert your slogan and click on continue..
  • On the next page, select atleast 5 icons to use them in your logo inspirations.

  • Now Sign-up to see your logos.

  • After login you can check out the generated logos.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask me via the comments.