How to Start A Career in SEO

SEO is also one of the best way to earn money and important fact is that if you are doing your own business then, all you have is to keep your passion to get results. Passion is really very important thing in field of SEO to get the results as it is not instant process to generate revenue but it is long term investment to get smooth revenue. You can also join an SEO company to start your career in field of SEO where you will provide the best results to your company under fixed earnings each month. So, once you started your career in field of SEO then, what are the steps you should care to keep your career in field of SEO?

  1. Away with the Black Hat SEO

This is the most important thing to keep yourself away with the Black Hat SEO technique because it’s better if you look at long term investment to get smooth revenue rather than think about to get all the revenue instantly for significant time. Black Hat SEO technique always harm your website or may be penalized long time which converts your revenue in to Zero. There are several steps comes under Black Hat SEO techniques which you must need to take care before implementing SEO for your website. If you don’t know about Black Hat SEO then, please click here! to get knowledge about it.

  1. Away with the Grey Hat SEO Technique

Grey Hat SEO can also harm your website because major search engines often penalized those websites which are using this technique and made very strict rules to remove it from the search results. They always suggest to keep yourself away from such techniques and to think about instant generate the revenue in a short period of time as they often give priority to keep long relationship. Like Black Hat SEO, Grey Hat SEO also having several steps which you need to take care at the time of implementing SEO for your website. You can learn about Grey Hat SEO through here!

  1. Follow White Hat SEO Technique

Publishing high quality original contents on your website or other third party websites in form of guest blogging, proper internal linking in the contents to your other website pages or other informative third party websites, perfect site optimization with On-Page Optimization technique, Link Baiting through which visitors link your webpage to other websites if your webpage having good information or new stories or something controversial or sensationalistic content etc are all the White HAT SEO technique which is totally reverse of black and grey hat technique. It takes long time to get the results and in this process, all you need is to work with full dedication and in point of view to give long term investment to generate smooth revenue.

If you follow major three steps carefully then, your career will be well settled in field of SEO.