How to Clean a Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

Blenders with stainless steel housing components must be cleansed properly, as smudges and other flaws typically generate on the surfaces when inefficient procedures are implemented. The process of maintaining a stainless steel appliance isn’t tough; however, certain products must be used strategically so that the surfaces sparkle. If you want a tidy blender, you’ll need a thick rag or sponge and a cleanser that’s designed for dust, dirt, grease, and grime.

Lather the Material

Lather is important because it will help you get rid of tough stains that are on the steel material. If a blender has a stain that’s crusty and dry, you’ll need to make a rich lather in order to remove it. The best way to generate a thick, soapy lather is by using a concentrated dish liquid. During the application process, simply place a few drops of the soap onto the soiled area. Then, rub the soap with a damp sponge. While wiping the stain, you must scrunch the sponge so that the soap disperses throughout the material, as this process makes more suds.

Wipe the Grain

Blenders that are constructed out of stainless steel have grains. In many cases, you can pinpoint the grains on the material with staring closely or by running your hand over the surfaces. Once you’ve found the grains, begin washing the material by guiding the sponge on the grain in the same direction. Wiping against the grain isn’t a practical strategy because this method will generate scratches.

Reduce the Minerals

Because stains, etches, and water spots can generate on a stainless steel appliance, proper rinsing procedures must be implemented after all dirt is removed. Water spots happen when soapy water rests on the material after the evaporation phase occurs. By using a thick paper towel to wipe up the water, you can prevent flaws that happen on your blender following the evaporation process.

These techniques can help you protect the stainless steel material on a residential or commercial blender. If you’re concerned about bacteria, you can prevent bacteria growth by replacing your sponge on a regular basis.