How to Avail Warranty on Vending Machines from

Being the largest refurbished vending machine providers, Wending World provides the 90 days warranty on all of its products. However, the terms and conditions are different one way the other on various products. Details are mentioned as under.

How to Avail Warranty on Vending Machines from

 Limited Parts Warranty

There is no dealer who can offer “unlimited” warranties oh his products because of different type of situations. It indicated that the warranty does not extend to every possible situation.

At, they ensure any equipment, refurbished or a used machine has been tested properly before leaving their stores. For machines, this includes (but is not limited to) all components such as changers, validators, refrigeration units (removable type, soda machines etc.), motors, solenoids, logic boards, control boxes, digital display units. This warranty has been extended over time from 30 days to 90 days to allow for items that quit prematurely with no additional grace period.

They also stated in their warranty policy that if they find that the unit has failed (due to a leak) from user error on installation, tubing bent or kinked then the warranty for the product will not be valid anymore.


Parts which are found defective within 90 days will be replaced or repaired in case of local customers. The warranty without any charges is only available if the machine is labored in their shop. Charges will be due in case of on spot repairing.

In the case of online or out of area purchases, customer needs to return the defective parts within 90 days time to replace or repair. If the customer wants on spot support then he has to bear the labor charges. The company will not be liable for it. However, it must be noted that company will not send its technicians to other parts of the world. In these circumstances, only parts warranty will be considered.

Item sold or marked ‘AS IS’ or listed on the original invoice with advance notification of no warranty is not will entertain in any case. Along with that, any issue occurred due to power fluctuation will not come under the warranty. Also, the machines having serial number plate defaced will not be considered under warranty.

If the customer found the machine damaged during the shipment, damage should be noted on Bill of Landing and sign by the driver to claim warranty. But it is valid for minor damages only. But if the damage is major or cost more than $200, the customer should refuse the shipment and mention it ‘refused due to major damage’ to avail the warranty.

 After Warranty

There is no warranty on offer by after the specified period of time. However, the company offers a flat rate repair or replacement program for many items such as validators, changers, logic boards. For flat rate repairs, customer needs to contact the company for current repair prices on units that customer needs to be repaired or see flat rate repairs page for more information.