Future Investment for Business

Your equipment is more than just a means for getting a job done. It is an investment into your future and/or the future of your business. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep your equipment in good working order to insure that you squeeze the maximum dollar value from this investment.

The regular use of synthetic lubricants and chemical descalers such as those offered by Greenleaf Filtration can help extend the life of your equipment years beyond the normal lifespan.


Used to maintain smooth operation of a wide variety of equipment types, these lubricants are manufactured from different sources, depending upon their need and use. For instance, some are made from components of petroleum products rather than crude oil. However, there are other raw materials from which lubricants can be made such as food-based oils as well as special chemical compounds.
Lubricants made from food-based oils are often chosen by the food manufacturing industry for maintaining equipment that may come into direct contact with food or food products.

Chemical Descalers

Lime scale can bring even the largest and most complex piece of equipment to a grinding halt. Even worse, the damage to a machine’s moving parts caused by lime scale can be expensive to repair. In fact, sometimes complete replacement of parts or the entire machine is warranted. This isn’t just expensive in terms of repurchasing and waiting for delivery. It can also bring production to a standstill, costing even more money in time lost.

Using chemical descalers such as those sold by Summit Chemicals can be an economical and safe way to stop or slow the progression of lime scale build-up before it becomes problematic, although it is a good idea to make sure that the product you choose is a good fit for the machinery.

For instance, not every descaler is biodegradable which may be an important aspect to consider if the product will eventually be flushed down a drain into a public sewer. Other descalers are designed to change color once they have become spent, making it easy to determine when it is time to replace.

While equipment wear and tear is inevitable, especially with machinery that uses a lot water with moving parts that interact with each other, proper maintenance with substances such as special lubricants and chemical descalers can extend the life of your equipment and increase the bottom line of your business.