Car Dealer Chat Apps Change The Lead Game

By now, most car dealers are familiar with live dealer chat, which puts a live chat window on your website and can either be managed in-house or fully supported from a call center. It’s an effective part of any lead strategy and no car dealer can succeed without it. As dealer chats become more common, one feature that distinguishes superior software from the others is the availability of a dealer chat app, which puts more control in your sales team’s hands, without overburdening them.

Auto Dealer Live Answers

Dealer live chat beats out other lead follow-up strategies like email because it answers questions live, and that means you need a fully managed dealer chat staffed by well-trained operators in US-based call centers. Emails can be an effective strategy for reviving cold leads, while sending email with a scheduled time and date is also an effective way to prepare the lead for a phone call follow up. Dealer live chat is all about keeping those leads from going cold in the first place; by responding to online questions within seconds, you keep prospects hooked and are more likely to get them onto the lot.

 One of the advantages of intelligent dealer chat, such as ChatSmart from Gubagoo, is that it uses a behavioral intelligence system to determine how close a prospect is to converting. By identifying IP addresses visiting your website and tracking their behavior, you can tell what the prospect is interested in and, given how many repeat hits you get, how close they are to converting. People revisit websites repeatedly before they make a purchase to review the details, compare it to competing products, and imagine owning it. (When it comes to cars, the imagination phase is all-important, but any car salesperson already knows to capitalize on that.)

Make Dealer Chat Personal

Dealer chat is a great tool for capturing lead information, whether it’s a phone number or an email address, but it’s also your chance to get more personal information. Customers use dealer chats to ask about available inventory in their price range, whether or not they qualify for credit, and how certain vehicles will perform (i.e., fuel efficiency, winter driving, etc.). This gives you insight into what they’re looking for and helps you find more relevant follow up information. When customers feel as though your campaign is tailored to their interests, they will be more likely to respond.

To find out more about how behavioral intelligence systems can help you personalize your lead follow up strategy with better information, visit and ask about their patented B.E.A.S.T. software.

 Convert With Car Chat 24 Hours A Day

 A dealer chat app makes a world of difference when it comes to this kind of software, as it’s designed to let your sales team monitor and intervene in managed chats. The ResQ app from Gubagoo is a mobile and desktop app that lets your sales team monitor chats, send private messages to operators in real time, or introduce themselves into the chat to provide more information. Dealers can start negotiating pricing or discussing options and financing, all through live chat. It also opens up avenues for SMS and email marketing, giving your sales team unprecedent avenues for follow up. When you invest in a dealer chat, expect more than just a chat window on your website. Get leads in your pocket with a chat dealer app and fully managed support.