Beating the Dead Drone Battery Blues: Top Tips, Tricks and Tools for Extending Flight Times

What’s one of the most annoying and unfortunate things that happen when taking out a drone? Many would reply that running out of battery power is an incredible nuisance. However, experienced fliers devise tricks and tips to keep flying longer and batteries lasting. Read how to make your battery last longer and stay in the air more often.


Reduce the Weight


Making your drone lighter is one way to make your batteries last longer. More weight takes a larger toll on battery life. More weight places added strain on the motors, so fliers look for ways to reduce the load. Take off propeller guards, cameras, and other exterior parts that add weight yet you can fly without.


Start a Process


Batteries begin losing power as soon as they are unplugged from the charger. Therefore, to make the most out of battery life, start a process that involves unplugging the drone and then heading straight out to fly. Why waste precious battery power while your drone is resting idle? Of course, the kind of drone you choose matters. Read the DroneEnthusiast Cheap Drones Guide for ideas.


Don’t Drain the Battery


Think of your battery power like gasoline in your car. Those who care about their car don’t wait until it’s running on fumes. Similarly, those who take care of an automobile don’t wait a year to change the oil; they get it changed regularly every 3,000 miles. Quality drones will land themselves when battery power is low but other models will allow users to completely drain the battery, which is bad for lithium-polymer power packs.


Buy New and Extra


Over time, a battery pack will lose its ability to maintain a full charge. Fliers can counter the deterioration by purchasing new and extra batteries. You can discuss different battery types with in-store clerks and other hobbyists on forums. However, the reality of all battery packs is that they start losing the ability to work at optimum capacity.


Seek Warm Weather


Lithium batteries are influenced by the weather. When it’s cold, the power packs cannot release energy as efficiently. One way to get around this is to keep your batteries warm. However, there is little you can do to protect your batteries from cold and windy days. If you can’t seek warm weather, it’s best to be realistic about the performance of batteries.


Tether the Drone


Some fliers use a tethering system that runs power from a central location on the ground up to the flying drone. Of course, your drone will be limited as to how far it can fly. Also, depending on the system purchased, you may need to be around a wall socket.


Check Battery Health


There are ways to check the battery life. Some controllers provide the ability to ‘check’ batteries while the drone is in flight. For example, one model flashes a series of lights to reflect the power of the pack. Less lights equals a lower battery life.