Selecting your gaming monitors: tips and Suggestions

For gaming enthusiasts or gamers, games are not just a place to calm the mind, eliminate fatigue or refresh it but the game can also be an activity that requires some serious work. Even today playing games especially online games has become a promising side job that can make money. Therefore no wonder if the true gamers are willing to buy complete and sophisticated gaming equipment, they also do not care about expensive or cheap price that is important with which they can play games with complete equipment.

One of the major gaming computer devices is the monitor. Choosing a good Monitor for gaming cannot be underestimated because the monitor for the game affects the visual quality displayed. Because if the visual quality is displayed good and clear then play the game becomes more exciting and fun. Well for you gamers who are looking for gaming monitors. You can buy ips monitors for gaming online but after reviewing the product.

So, how to choose the best monitor for gaming? Below, some tips to ease you choose the best gaming monitors.

Monitor size

Consider the size of the monitor right computer for gaming. To get a better game play and fun, and you can choose a monitor with a minimum size of 19 inches. The wider the monitor you choose, the better your gaming. If your fund is bigger, you can choose a 23-inch monitor up to 25 inches. However, to get a monitor with a large enough size, the funds you spend is also greater.

The response rate monitor

 Better the response rate computer monitor for gaming, the better is the game play. If the computer monitor you choose is very slow in responding to the game, you often experience ghosting. Ghosting is a view of the previous image on the screen can still be seen after the image changes. So, if your monitor’s response is slow, then the previous image faintly visible in the image afterwards. If there ghosting then play your game becomes less fun.

Contrast Ratio

High contrast ratio of the screen can produce a much sharper visual so you can get a gaming experience that much better. High contrast ratio produces sharp images with clarity. LED monitor screen have sharp, bright and thinner screen, so that the electric power used is lower. Although the price of LED monitors are more expensive but you can get enjoy the game which is much more exciting and enjoyable.


When buying a monitor be sure to see the back of the monitor connection is using a DVI or HDMI, at first glance may look the same.